Wood Pellet

Jhonlin Agromandiri’s business also covers the production of biomass fuel i.e., a renewable fuel as a promising alternative for the present and the future.

In this biomass fuel sector, JA prioritizes wood and waste processing and the plantation of energy crops, which are then processed into compacted powder, forming cylinders with a very thin diameter called wood pellets. Wood pellets can be used as alternatives to coal as fuel. Wood pellets have its own advantages as they are environmentally friendly and produce neutral carbon dioxide with lower emission rates. It is a high standard fuel with a high density and is certainly a renewable energy.

In order to carry out its wood pellet business, JA established a factory covering 2 Ha with a production capacity of 4 tonnes/hr using fully automatic machines to produce quality wood pellets. JA expects this biomass product to infiltrate export markets in Korea and Europe.

To maintain the continuity of supply of raw material for wood pellets, JA has its own plantation covering 15,000 Ha. It is planted with quality seeds such as Jabon, Gmelina, Sengon and Acacia trees. This plantation is also supported by a nursery to maintain its quality supplies.