In the rubber business, JA is a member of the Indonesian Association ofRubber Companies (Gapkindo) and currently manages and operates its own Crumb Rubber Factory, which covers 9.2 Ha of land. This factory has obtained the ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate, as well as the SNI and ‘KCB’ trademark. JA’s rubber factory produces SIR-20 and SIR-10 products which are exported to several countries.

Jhonlin Agromandiri has been involved in the rubber business for quite sometime, and is supported by its own rubber plantation and subsidiaries’ company covering 7.000 Ha. Along with rubber plant cultivation, the vast area consists of staple crops, core stumps, and a mucona plant nursery. The management of rubber cultivation is controlled professionally starting with the selection of seeds, planting and maintenance, proper tapping techniques, to the coagulation process of standard latex.

By applying the latest agricultural techniques, JA has been able to produce the highest quality latex within a period of just 4 to 5 years of harvesting. In order to meet the growng demands from both the local and international markets, JA continues to strive to find a more efficient and economical method to produce latex of the best quiality within the shortest amount of time.