Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is another agrobusiness developed by Jhonlin Agromandiri. In this industry, which is one of fastest growing and leading commodities in Indonesia, JA has established a CPO Mill in an area covering 15 Ha in Batulicin, South Kalimantan, with a production capacity of up to 60 tonnes/hour.

To ensure sustainable manufacturing, JA also has its own palm oil plantation in an area covering 30,000 Ha. This plantation is equipped with a nursery covering 40 Ha of land to ensure the availability of palm oil plant seeds. To maintain its production quality, JA uses quality palm seeds from local authorized producers such as PT Socfindo through its biotechnology application, PT Lonsum (London Sumatera), and PPKS (Oil Palm Research Center).

Jhonlin Agromandiri’s CPO is expected to infiltrate the global market by fulfilling the growing demands of commodity markets such as US, Europe, and Germany.