As a holder of IUPHHK-HT (Timber Forest Product Utilization License in Plantation Forest), Jhonlin Agromandiri is required to conduct PMDH (Empowerment of Forest Villagers) activites or in general terms, non-forestry business, including CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.  Some CSR activities conducted by PT Jhonlin Agromandiri are :

  • Collaborating with Jamsostek in granting scholarships for several students with outstanding achievements near JA’s work area;
  • Providing assistance for local Non-Governmental Organizations;
  • Establishing public facilities in several villages near the work area;
  • Providing supplies and tools for offices in rural villages near the production area;  and
  • Conducting monthly Koran reading sesions and providing lunch for Islamic schools and orphanages near the production area.