Message From The C.E.O

Our company is situated in Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is a vast land blessed by Almighty God to have the ability to cultivate tropical plants in any weather condition all year long. In the past, this land was marred by irresponsible harvesting of natural products, but now it is the time to materialize a persistent growth through restoration and conservation activities.

Our company restores and preserves this land by harvesting products using environmentally friendly agricultural techniques and optimizing values through production facilities while maintaining its natural beauty. As all members take pride in their work, the corporate earned its profits through hard work, dedication, and continuous efforts of all the company’s employees who invested in the area to continuously produce natural products while making a contribution to local communities to help build underdeveloped areas.

On behalf of our members, we like to inform you, visitors of our website, that we are committed to restore and preserve this beautiful tropical land, which was once among the main sources of the world’s oxygen. We will continue working hard to restore and develop this area and local communities.

Thank you,

Shin Myung Seob
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)