Jhonlin Agromandiri (JA) is a company dealing with agrobusiness, under Jhonlin Group’s supervision.

JA currently manages a crumb rubber processing business, a CPO (Crude Palm Oil) plant, and a wood pellet processing plant. These three production units are supported with its own plantation and nursery for rubber, plam, and energy crops, which is used as raw materials to produce wood pellets.

JA is under HGU (Right to Cultivate) for its palm plantation which covers 30,000 Ha and has obtained a Forest Product Utilization License in Plantation Forest (IUPHHK-HT) covering 17,730 Ha of land.  In addition, JA collaborates in land concession with a total area of 140,995 Ha, with 41,425 Ha underTimber Utilization Business License for Timber Products, and 99,570 Ha underthe Business License for the Utilization of Forest Timber Products in Natural Forests (IUPHHK-HA) in South Kalimantan.  These lands are planted with rubber trees, carpentary wood, and energy crops in order to support Jhonlin Agromandiri’s agrobusiness sector.

In addition to human resources as its main asset, Jhonlin Agromandiri also has supporting resources in order to optimize its production, such as dozens of heavy equipment and transportation means e.g., bulldozers, escavators, graders, vibro compactors, forklifts, skidders, wheel loaders, farm tractors, as well as micro buses, low bed, dump trucks, trailers, single cabins, and double cabins.